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fusion of indian
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Designing and planning a fusion or cultural wedding is more extensive because your designer and planner must have the skills not only to create a lavish and chic wedding but to weave your heritage and culture within the ambiance of your big day.

Cultural and Traditional
Weddings With a Stylish Aesthetic
& Beautiful Ambiance

We Focus on the Style and Cultural Roots You Want to Celebrate So Your Wedding Experience is Full of Magnificent Memories

The Plano Award Program is an annual Plano, Texas award that honors the achievements and accomplishments of exceptional small businesses who use their best practices to serve customers, the community, and generate long-term value. We’re thrilled to have been the 2019 Best of Plano in the category of wedding service. We love helping make Plano a great place to live, work, and play and serving wedding clients with exceptional value both in the community and surrounding areas.

Recipient of the Best of Plano Award for Wedding Service

At Creative Wedding Decor and Events, we design and plan Indian and Fusion weddings in Dallas, TX and the surrounding area. When you hire us for Wedding & Events Decor & Planning, you can expect an artistic design that engages the senses and beautiful displays that exceed your vision. You’ll also benefit from an immersive wedding experience that awes your guests. 

More than Ten Years of
Experience & Happy Clients

We’ve wowed clients and made wedding dreams come true for more than 10 years and we’re always honored to help wedding clients decorate and design their weddings so they experience beautiful memories that last a lifetime.